May 12th, 2013: Saving Private Perez

Saving Private Perez

What It’s About: Crime lord Julian Perez’s (Miguel Rodarte) mother Elvira (Isela Vega) demands just one thing from her estranged son:  the rescue of his younger, honest, USMC brother who has disappeared in Iraq.  To accomplish this seemingly impossible mission, Perez assembles a group of experts:  Chema (Jesus Ochoa, Quantum of Solace), a veteran of Vietnam and an expert strategist; Rosalio (Joaquin Cosio, Quantum of Solace), the best smuggling pilot in Mexico and a master at flying at extremely low altitudes to avoid detection; Pumita (Rodrigo Oviedo), a hit man so deadly, even Perez fears him (though he would never admit it); and Carmelo (Gerardo Taracena, The Mexican) , Julian’s childhood friend who’s left the drug business to grow tomatoes.  Julian uses his contacts and wealth to smuggle his team into Iraq from Turkey, but once “in country” can these fish-0ut-of-water tough guys survive long enough to find Pvt. Perez before he is executed by his captors?

Why Watch It Today?: Private Perez is declared missing on 5/12/2003.  It’s also Mothers’ Day, and Elvira is a powerful, devoted mother.  Read the full review here.

Other Choices:  Previous Mothers’ Day films Psycho and Rosemary’s Baby; Santa Sangre, Coraline, Marty, The Manchurian Candidate, Alligator and White Heat

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