June 2nd, 2013: The Ninth Configuration aka Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane

Ninth Configuration

Cast and Crew:  Barry De Vorzon (Score); Scott Wilson, Neville Brand, Moses Gunn, Robert Loggia, Tom Atkins, Joe Spinnell, Richard Lynch

What It’s About:  Colonel Vincent Kane (Stacy Keach) arrives at a remote castle where the U.S. Army tries experimental methods on its toughest psychiatric patients.  Who are the patients, and who are the doctors, and what is Kane’s secret?

Why Watch it Today?:   Stacy Keach turns 72 years old today.  The Ninth Configuration features a powerful performance by Keach, in a cult film from the author of The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty, who directed and produced this idiosyncratic adaptation of his own novel.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll love it, but I can guarantee it’s a one of a kind movie with a dream cast of character actors and a moody, ethereal feeling and a dynamite location, a beautiful European castle.

No trailer, but a clip so you know what you’re getting yourself into:

Other Choices:  Up in Smoke, The Man with the Screaming Brain

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