June 15th, 2013: Teenagers From Outer Space

Teenagers From Outer Space

What It’s About: Aliens land on Earth to test its suitability as a range for their livestock, the gargants (lobsters that live on land and grow at a fantastic pace).  Thor (Bryan Grant) vaporizes the first animal that arrives near their ship-a dog-with a “focusing disintegrator”.  Derek (David Love) criticizes this needless killing, then discovers the dog’s tag-and argues that this is no location for the gargants, since intelligent life is present.  His captain (King Moody) disagrees, so Derek threatens the crew with his own disintegrator.  Derek escapes to town where he meets Gramps Morgan (Harvey B. Dunn), the most eager to rent landlord in history and his granddaughter Betty (Dawn Bender), who is incredibly eager to date clueless men who show up in weird jumpsuits to rent rooms.  Betty introduces Derek to the basics of teenage life on Earth while Thor murders his way through town.  There’s also the rapidly growing gargant left in a cave and the coming fleet carrying gargant herds….

Why Watch it Today?: Today is National Lobster Day, and it is a rare movie that features the delicious crustacean in such a prominent  (and more importantly ridiculous) role.  Teenagers From Outer Space is a deliciously bad film from the depths of the 1950s drive-in boom.  Read the full review here.

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