May 11th, 2014: The Final Terror

The Final Terror

Cast and Crew:  Andrew Davis (Director); Samuel Z. Arkoff (Executive Producer)

What It’s About:  Mike (Mark Metcalf) leads a forest ranger program that works with troubled young men.  He brings his charges-including creepy military obsessed Zorich (John Friedrich), greaseball Gerone (Adrian Zmed), local Boone (Lewis Smith), and Hines (Ernest Harden Jr.)-deep in to the wilderness to make sure that the streams aren’t being dammed up by debris. Their bus driver, high strung Eggar ( Joe Pantoliano), who does not get along with the group and does not want to take them up there. He warns Mike against bringing along his girlfriend Melanie (Cindy Harrell) and her friends Margaret (Rachel Ward), Windy (Daryl Hannah), and Vanessa (Akosua Busia) on what is ostensibly a working expedition but Mike ignores him. Once in the woods Eggar is even more cranky, but he leaves, planning to meet the group at the other end of the trail in his bus.

Boone tells the creepy story of a local girl who’s raped by her uncle, gives birth to a child born of the incest, goes mad, is left in the asylum for 19 years until her now grown son left her out in the woods to fend for herself.  She now wanders the wilderness, occasionally showing up at a camp site to whisper in the dead of night, asking for her son back. Some members of the group go missing and soon the rest know they’re being stalked.  Add in a creepy shack containing items believed to be stolen from the group by Eggar, and soon they believe Eggar is after them and the group makes weapons and stays together to fight the unseen killer in the woods. They begin travelling downstream to escape-but can they make it? Is Eggar stalking them or is it someone (or something?) else?

Why Watch it Today?:  Happy Mother’s Day!  I won’t completely spoil today’s film, but let’s just leave it that a mother and son are involved.  May you and your mother have a better time than the mother and child in today’s film!

No trailer…but the entire film on YouTube:

Other Choices:  PsychoMommie DearestSanta Sangre, Coraline, Careful, Mildred Pierce or Bachelor Mother

One comment on “May 11th, 2014: The Final Terror

  1. geelw says:

    Yikes. I haven’t seen this one in ages! My pick for today was pretty obvious, but I like the twist here. I was going to to White Heat, but I’ll get to that classic soon enough in a longer post…

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