January 26th, 2013: Detroit 9000

Detroit 9000

Cast and Crew:  Arthur Marks (Director, Producer); Luchi De Jesus (Score); Vonetta McGee, Scatman Crothers, Herbert Jefferson Jr.

What It’s About: After hoods rob a black politician’s fundraising event, two cops-one black and up-and-coming (Hari Rhodes) and one white and burned out (Alex Rocco)-must work together to solve the crime.

Why Watch it Today?: Michigan, home of Detroit, became a state 175 years ago todayDetroit 9000 features a twist on the plot of Across 110th Street, more or less, with lots of location shooting in Detroit.  Indeed, Detroit’s police commissioner was fired for appearing in and allowing the shooting of a film that was deemed insulting to Detroit’s image.  Join us in revisiting the “bad old days” with Detroit 9000.

Other Choices:  You can see Detroit in the “bad days of futures past” in RoboCop.

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