April 25th, 2014: I Sell the Dead

I Sell the Dead

Cast and Crew: Angus Scrimm

What It’s About: While awaiting the guillotine for his crimes, grave robber Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan) tells the story of his crimes (which quickly escalate from run of the mill grave robbery to a much more specialized trade in the undead and supernatural corpses) to Father Francis Duffy (Ron Perlman).

Why Watch it Today?: The guillotine was first used on this date in 1792.  Blake’s sentence hangs over his story which makes for a good, but not great, comedy horror film, aided by its game cast.

Other Choices: The Curse of Frankenstein features the Baron in a similar situation to Blake by the end of the film, while  The Revenge of Frankenstein features the Baron’s escape from that fate.  Frankenstein Created Woman features a man traumatized by seeing his father guillotined who meets the same fate; and in Mad Love the hands of a recently guillotined murderer are transplanted onto the arms of a recently mutilated pianist.

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