May 17th, 2014: Club Dread (2004)

Club Dread

Cast and Crew:  Jordan Ladd, Brittany Daniel, M.C. Gainey

What It’s About:  Semi-retired rock star Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton doing his best Jimmy Buffet/Sammy Hagar) runs the Coconut Pete Coconut Beach Resort.  Someone begins killing the staff-and warns them that if they alert the guests, they will also be fair game.  Can the staff figure out who the murderer is and stop them?

Why Watch it Today?:  Bill Paxton turns 59 today.  While Club Dread is hardly his largest role, his parody of fading rock stars trading on their brand really hits the mark and helps put today’s movie a little above Broken Lizard’s usual fare.  There are some hilarious jokes and the film is a solid parody of the then nearly back-in-its-grave slasher genre, though your mileage is going to depend on how much you care for Broken Lizard’s schtick.

Other Choices:  Paxton has had a long and varied career as a character actor, doing everything from Sci-Fi to Horror to Drama and everything in between (including a brief music career).   We’ve covered just a few of his films:  A Simple Plan; Titanic; Tombstone; The Terminator

3 comments on “May 17th, 2014: Club Dread (2004)

  1. geelw says:

    I didn’t like this as much as you did, but it has its great and funny moments for sure thanks to Uncle Bill doing his work as he should. You know there a Bill Paxton pinball machine made by a super-creative fan, right? No? Well, here you go:

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