March 29th, 2013: The Green Slime

The Green Slime

Cast and Crew:   Kiniji Fukasaku (Director); Bill Finger (Screenplay); Luciana Paluzzi, Richard Jaeckel, Robert Dunham

What It’s About: An asteroid is threatening the Earth and the UN sends a team into space to destroy it.  Everything goes according to plan and the asteroid is destroyed, but the expedition brought a new organism back with it, the first extraterrestrial life form encountered by man, a green slime that is attracted to and drains the power from electrical equipment.  When a spot of the slime on a space suit is put into the decontamination room, a man-sized creature emerges, killing the technician.  Can the crew of the space station stop The Green Slime before it reaches Earth?

Why Watch it Today?: The last U.S. forces left Vietnam today in 1973, ending United States involvement in the conflict.  The Green Slime, with its rapidly reproducing creatures that can replicate from any amount of the slime, including the blood of the creatures, which infest a small space station (country) and resist all attempts to remove them by force, is often considered to be a Vietnam allegory.

Other Choices:  Two years ago we featured Apocalypse Now, the definitive Vietnam movie for many; The Punisher, Brotherhood of Death, Steele Justice, Blind Furyand Ministry of Vengeance all feature Vietnam vets out for revenge of one kind or another; Targets features a Vietnam vet with mental illness that goes on a shooting rampage; American Gangster features crooks using connections made in Vietnam to traffic drugs.


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