November 15th, 2013: Live and Let Die (1973)

Live and Let Die

Cast and Crew:  Guy Hamilton (Director); Ian Fleming (Novel); Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman (Producers); George Martin (Music); Paul McCartney (Theme); Jane Seymour, Julius Harris, Clifton James, Geoffrey Holder, David Hedison, Gloria Hendry, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell, Earl Jolly Brown

What It’s About: James Bond (Roger Moore) investigates a string of murders of British agents-in the Caribbean, New Orleans and New York City-which lead him to a conspiracy involving island dictator Kanaga (Yaphet Kotto) and a mysterious underworld figure named Mr. Big.

Why Watch It Today?: Yaphet Kotto turns 74 today.  One of the great character actors of his generation, Kotto is someone who I never tire of seeing on the screen, who has never given a bad performance, even when he’s given material that includes the truly ludicrous, which you’ll find plenty of in today’s movie, the Bond franchise’s attempt to cash-in on the Blaxploitation craze of the early 1970s.

Other Choices: Monkey Hu$tle, Alien, Across 110th Street, Truck Turner


3 comments on “November 15th, 2013: Live and Let Die (1973)

  1. geelw says:

    Well, HE’S never given a bad performance… but some of those wigs he’s worn? Ooooof-ah!

  2. […] asked me about a few titles.  Thanks to a scheduling mishap you missed my tale of how I first saw Live and Let Die in French during a family vacation to Quebec as part of a general discussion of Blaxploitation […]

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